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About Us

3Bee is the leading naturetech company developing technologies for biodiversity monitoring and protection, recognised by the EU as a development partner of the first certified biodiversity credits.

Starting with the bee, a fundamental bio-indicator, 3Bee collects and interprets environmental data through innovative proprietary systems to monitor the health of pollinators and their connection to ecosystems, providing solutions for biodiversity assessment, monitoring, regeneration and education.

From 2017 to date, 3Bee has implemented regeneration projects alongside more than 500 companies across 10 countries that have chosen to contribute tangibly to the protection of biodiversity. 3Bee also partners with research centers, schools, farmers, growers and citizens to promote the importance of preserving biodiversity. From its foundation, 3Bee has developed a local network of over 3.000 biodiversity growers, installed more than 5.000 IoT sensors and regenerated more than 40.000 hectares of land and forests.

About the Role

As we expand our 3Bee blog, we are looking for talented Journalists, Photographers, Videomaker and Content Creators who can bring a fresh perspective to our content. This is not just another editorial project; it's a chance to be part of an ambitious and revolutionary editorial team dedicated to biodiversity.

Our blog is a crucial component of our broader mission that revolves around three key pillars: monitoring, regeneration, and dissemination. We believe in harnessing the power of technology to monitor and safeguard biodiversity, actively engaging in regeneration projects that contribute tangibly to the protection of our ecosystems. Equally important is our commitment to dissemination - educating and informing the public about the significance of biodiversity, the challenges it faces, and the efforts required to preserve it. Through our blog, we aim to create a synergy between these pillars, offering a platform where scientific insights, regeneration stories, and educational content come together to inspire action and awareness on a global scale.

Our objective is to make our blog the preeminent European source for biodiversity content, inspiring and educating our readers. Indeed, we delve into a multitude of perspectives on biodiversity - from scientific, entomological, and biological viewpoints to ESG-related matters such as sustainability reporting and international policies. This role is a unique opportunity to create compelling narratives and visual stories that resonate with a diverse and global audience.


  • Create engaging and original articles, photo, and video content focused on biodiversity.
  • Upload content independently to our user-friendly platform.


  • Proven experience in journalism, content creation, or a related field.
  • Proficiency at a C1 level in English, or French, or German, with an in-depth understanding of environmental issues and policies within the respective linguistic area. We are looking for candidates who have a deep knowledge about the current environmental situation, including local and global environmental policies, challenges, and initiatives. This knowledge is crucial for creating content that is not only engaging but also informative and relevant to our audience.
  • Background in environmental sciences, biology, or related fields for biodiversity content.
  • Background in sustainable development, international policies or related fields for ESG topics.
  • Experience with SEO and digital content strategies.
  • Excellent writing skills and ability to meet deadlines.

What we offer

  • A chance to be part of a unique and exciting project, building a super cool editorial team dedicated to biodiversity.
  • Every article will be credited to its author and shared across 3Bee's social media channels and newsletters.
  • A unique opportunity to be part of a leading naturetech company making a real impact on biodiversity conservation.
  • Salary will be in line with the candidate's experience and skill set

Are you ready to join this ambitious venture and make a pivotal contribution to narrating the story of biodiversity?  We are assembling a team of the brightest creative minds and journalistic talents to amplify the discourse on biodiversity and raise awareness on a global scale. This is your opportunity to be at the vanguard of a movement that shapes global perception and deepens the understanding of biodiversity's vital importance. We are seeking passionate individuals, ready to contribute their unique perspectives and skills to our dynamic team. If you are excited about making a difference and want to be a part of a project that blends creativity, science, and advocacy, then we can't wait to hear from you!